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Wrought Iron Chandelier - Midtown Toronto, ON

Best Hand-Forged Ironwork Specialists in Midtown Toronto

Welcome to Iron Master Decor Inc! We specialize in crafting handmade wrought iron chandelier products for clients throughout Midtown Toronto and surrounding locales. Most metalwork products on the market are currently mass-produced in factories.

Unlike these manufactured products, our creations offer a heightened standard of detail and quality which is unparalleled. Whether you're hoping to add a unique flair to your home or business, we have the tools to build what you need with meticulous attention to detail.

Services We Offer

These factory-made products lack the strength, unique quality and intricate detail our custom wrought iron designs are known for. Iron Master Decor Inc is a locally-owned, family-run blacksmithery firm which has been highly-regarded for 100 years in the industry.

What Sets Our Ironwork Apart

  • We hot-dip galvanize every piece of ironwork we create for exterior usage in corrosive-resistant liquid zinc. This provides total rust protection
  • In order to ensure that our ironwork keeps clean and does not age, we seal it with a crystal clear lacquer finish that reflects light
  • To ensure a lifetime of maintenance-free durability, we finish our zinc-galvanized pieces with important German paint designed to protect galvanized metals

Laboring meticulously in our workshop, we use state of the art technology to make clients' dreams a reality while redefining the appearance of homes and businesses. We use the highest quality materials and offer a lifetime warranty. Contact us today at 905-773-3975 to find out more!

For more information, please visit our main website.

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